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Offspring — Original Prankster (ver 4) bass tabs

Tuning: Standard


Chorus Part 1 Chorus Part 1 End
G]——————————————————————————————————————————————————— G]————————————————
D]——————————————————————————————————————————————————— D]————————————————
A]——3/7—65—5—35—3———3/7—65—5—35—3——————3/7—65—5—35—3— A]——3/7—65————————
E]5———————————————5——————————————30305——————————————— E]5———————————————

Verse Bridge
G]————————————————— G]————————————————
D]————————————————— D]————————————————
A]——3—————5—5—35—3— A]————————77777777
E]5———0———————————— E]44444444————————

Chorus Part 2 Chorus Part 3
G]—————————————————————— G]————————————————————————————————————————
D]—————————————————————— D]——————————————————————————————————————6—
A]————————5—5/(10)—(10)— A](10)———————(10)——————(10)(10)(10)(10)———
E]5—5—55———————————————— E]—————(10)———————(10)————————————————————

Other Part Part 1 Other Part Part 2 Alternate Bridge
G]———————————————— G]———————————————— G]————————————————
D]———————————————— D]———————————————— D]————————————————
A]——3————5—5—35—3— A]——3————5—5—35——— A]————————7———————
E]55—55——————————— E]55—55————————03— E]44444444————————


I no its kind of mixed up, buts its in order as played.


Come In At 0:05 Come in here at 2:29
Intro Intro x1
Chorus Part 1 x1 Other Part Part 1 x1
Chorus Part 1 End x1 Other Part Part 2 x2
Verse x3 Other Part Part 1 x1
Bridge x1 *Chorus Part 1 x1*
Verse x3 Alternate Bridge x1
Bridge x1 Chorus Part 1 x1
Chorus Part 1 x 1 Bridge x1
Bridge x1 Chorus Part 2 x3
Chorus Part 2 x3 Ending x1
Chorus Part 3 x1
Chorus Part 1 x1 in the stared chorus, play with doing the 3030 on E.
Chorus Part 1 End x1 If u dont no wat i mean, skip it, it works out either
Verse x3 way.
Bridge x1
Verse x3
Bridge x1
Chorus Part 1 x1
Bridge x1
Chorus Part 2 x3
Chorus Part 3 x1
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