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Nine Inch Nails — The Hand That Feeds (ver 2) bass tabs

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Band: Nine Inch Nails
Album: With Teeth
Song: The Hand That Feeds
Tuning: Plain Ol' EADG
Tabbed by: David Albert
E—Mail: david_albert@sympatico.ca

I tabbed this by using the video on nin's website, credit must also be given to
my good friend and mentor Eric Moreau for (chorus — Part B)

It is a great song with a simple yet very intense, to—the—point bass line.

On my PX4 Korg ToneWorks I use the fuzz, valve emulator and CLS 8X10 cabinet (turned
low) and a dryair effect.

Intro (Electronic noise with dubbed bass verse riff)

Main Riff (When Trent starts to sing)
Note: the second version is like Jeordie White on the video. I prefer playing the
note on the E string it gives it a fatter, meaner feel.

G |—————————| G |—————————|
D |—————————| OR D |—————————|
A |———————3—| A |—————————|
E |—35535———| E |—35535—8—|

Chorus — Part A
G |—————————————|
D |—————————————|
A |———————5(x16)|
E |—1(x16)——————|

Chorus — Part B
G |———————————————————————|
D |———————————————————————|
A |———————————————————————|
E |—1(x16)—2(x8)—3(x8)————|

Song Structure
Main Riff x 8
Chorus Part A x 1
Main Riff x 4
Chorus Part B x 2
Main Riff x 8
Chorus Part A x 1
Main Riff x 4
Chorus Part B x 2
Bridge (Electronic noise + Synth — NO BASS)
Chorus — Part B x 3
Main Riff ('till the end with a little off beat stop—n—go, you'll figure it out
by listening to the tune).
Get the guitar player to kick his road case, and trip on his cable.


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