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Niet — Depresija bass tabs

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Author:Niet (slovenian)
Album:Lep Dan Za Smrt
Tabed by:bitedadust

4 string,standard tunning

Comments:Riff 2 is same as riff 1,but every quarter note
marked on the riff 1 tab is split into four sixteenth notes;
the riff is therefor played slightly faster,using triplets.
The notes are marked with a '*' above the tab.

Riff 1
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Riff 2:——>

Song structure:

(bass comes in after the guitar intro)
Riff 1....5x
Riff 2....2x
Riff 1....4x
Riff 2....2x (guitar solo)
Riff 1....4x
Riff 2....2x
Riff 1....4x
Riff 2....4x (guitar solo)
Riff 1....2x (on last time hit only one 0 and let it ring)

Taken from bigbasstabs.com —
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