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Newsboys — He Reigns bass tabs

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The bass comes in at the end of the first verse,plays the chorus then drops
out until "Of all the songs sung from the dawn of creation" in the second verse.
It also drops out at "Powers of darkness" then comes in on the last part of
the verse.

G |—————|—————|—————|
D |*————|—————|————*|
A |*————|—————|————*|
E |33—33|33—33|33—33|

2nd Half of Verse
G ————————|————————|
D ————————|————————|
A ————————|————————|
E 33333333|33333333|

Start slowly and softly playing then build it and really hit it on the last
four notes.

Chorus 2x
G ————|————|————|————|—————|—————|
D ————|————|————|————|*————|————*|
A ————|————|3333|3333|*————|————*|
E 1111|1111|————|————|—3333|3333—|

This is an easier song to play. And it's fun to play around with. If you have
any questions or comments email me at Sparx32@aol.com.
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