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My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult — Blue Buddha bass tabs

Blue Buddha
by: My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
off the album: 13 Above the Night
as tabbed by: I suck at bass and i am a loser
who's e—mail address happens to be: starmartyr_444@yahoo.com

first part:(give me money)
(pick these notes to make a sound) Q __
second part:(give me hookerz):P | |
G———————————————————————————————————| —========= =
D——————————————————————————————————.|—========= ======= +
A——————————————————5————————5——5h7—.| —======== =======—|—
E———0———0——5—5——7—————7——7——————————| —===========/ /
(you can play these s——s—slap
notes with your mind) s——s—slap

third part:(i like kake)
E—5——5———————————————————5—5——2—2—3—3——————— where?

don't listen to the song to get the rhythm. if you do, you shouldn't
really be playing bass anyway. bastards.

Ben Miller's mother looks and acts like a shaved gorrilla.

It's very nice and fun. Enjoy whit pogo dance.

sparkle? sparkle!? sparkle. f*** off.

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