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Murderdolls — Grave Robbin U S A bass tabs

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Grave Robbing U.S.A.

Easiest song to play on the album, here's my way.


G———————— G———————— G———————— G————————
D———————— D———————— D———————— D————————
A———————— A—55—4—5— A—33—2—3— A————————
E—33—2—3— E———————— E———————— E—33—2—3—



For the solo play the chorus and in the final outro play it like this

G———————— G———————— G———————— G————————————
D———————— D———————— D———————— D————————————
A———————— A—55—4—5— A—33—2—3— A————————————
E—33—2—3— E———————— E———————— E—3——3——2——3—

The last bar is a lot slower as you can see, listen to the song for instructions and timing.
:) dollparts

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