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Mudvayne — Solve Et Coagula (ver 2) bass tabs

Mudvayne/End of All Things to Come/Solve Et Coagula

Tabbed by: Dave C.

Set in: FCGC

p:pull off
h:Hammer on
:Slide Down

Alrighty, this tab is prolly NOWHERE NEAR what it acually is, but it seems
that nobody else has done this tab yet. I talked to greg (pelvic_thrust) and
he said hed finish this up, but that was like 4 months ago, so Im just puttin
this one out, to hold you over til someone better can do it. im sure its
nowhere near right, but if you listen really carefully nd imagine it does
sorta sound ok. im only doing Solve Et Coagula, cuz its my fav. song on the
Album. So anyways, enjoy.

0:00 Intro
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Mudvayne - Solve Et Coagula (ver 2) Bass Tab

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