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Mudvayne — Everything And Nothing (ver 2) bass tabs

Song: Everything and Nothing
Band: Mudvayne
Inst: Bass

If you want to actually hear my tabs, download Guitar Pro 4, (one of those tabbing
programs) and you can download all of my Mudvayne tabs on www.mysongbook.com!!!

YES!!! i figured out how to get my other ones un—cut off!!!
[email protected]
If you need anything, questions, comments, requests, I'm wide open. Or if you need
me to play something, or go over something, add me to your msn. i helped a couple of
people out on there.

Anyway, this is probably my least favorite on LD 50, even though i still like it
and its a sweet song. And as you know, I'm doing EVERY mudvayne song so i have to do
this one.

I noticed pretty much everyone's verse fills were pretty bad and i think mine are
pretty good, maybe great. (well everyone says their tabs the best)

Anyway, here's the tab:
E s=slap p=pluck if its in 's its a harmonic

Intro v this sound good if you mute the bottom one
|——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————| a lot more than
|——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————| the top

Verse v=4 beats
We swallow your spit, steal acceptance, lend denial..
(fill 1)
|————————————————————————0————I5———5—0—7—————8———8—7—5—7———5———| < i find it
|——————/5—5—5—5———————————————6——I————————————————————————————————| easier to thumb
|0———0—————————————0—————————————I————————————————————————————————| the notes on this
Tellin me that my life is free and boundless,... string

RPT until fill 2!!!

|————————————————————————0————I5———5—5—7———7—7—8———8—8—10——10—| < thumb these!!
|——————/5—5—5—5———————————————6——I————————————————————————————————| (easier :)
Plant the seeds to harvest loss....

|———————5—5—5—5———————————5—5—6——I———————5—5—5—5———————————5—5—6——| rpt
I am everything, I am nothing,I am everything, I am nothing...

Into bridge
|7———7—7—7—7—9———9—9—9—910101010—| strum these

|2———————————————————————————————I2———————————————————————————————| rpt
Stop fu*kin with me, I'm the accused, I'm not the enemy...

Then theres another intro riff

BASS SOLO !!!! (Youll have to listen VERY VERY close to the song, and use the 4 beat
thing, I also put .'s where every beat is to make it easier :)

|0———————————10——————————————I————————————————0—————0———10————| or just X when
|———10h12————————————12——13——13——12——————————12——————————————————| theres a it
|————————————————————————————————I————————————————————————————————| doesnt matter
. . . . . . . . .
|———12——13——13——12———————————12—I——10h12—————————————12——13——13——| cont.
. . . . . . . . .
|———12——14———————————————10——————I———————————————————————————1515—| (13's & 15's)
. . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . .
12————————12—10——9———————————————I————10————————————————————12——14| cont.
. . . . . . . . .

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Mudvayne - Everything And Nothing (ver 2) Bass Tab

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