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Mudvayne — 1 (ver 3) bass tabs

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Song: —1
Band: Mudvayne
Inst: bass

Tabbed by Greg

If you want to actually hear my tabs, download Guitar Pro 4, (one of those tabbing
programs) and you can download all of my Mudvayne tabs on www.mysongbook.com!!!

Hey everyone again!!! Well like i said im tabbing every song now so I'm on —1.
This song is probably the easiest mudvayne song to play, at least i think...
But this is a quick n easy tab, so i hope those who see this, enjoy!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the usual, any questions, comments, or requests, please
email me @ [email protected] , or add me to your msn messenger if you
need me to play something or explain it in depth over the comp.

E i dont think there's any slapping n all that, but
B s=slap, p=pluck

Verse v = 4 beats
|————0h4—————————————————————————I————0h4—————————————————————————| x a bunch
Losses, losers and more...
theres a couple fills that he does ONLY live, heres the first one:
(this occurs in the 1st verse)
I'm sure that the punishment, went well deserved...
then there's this fill in the 2nd verse:
|————0h4—————————————————————————I3———3—3—5———5—5—6———6—6/——13—12—| < thumb these
|3p0—————3p0—————3p0—X——0————0———I————————————————————————————————| notes
I'm sure that someday we'll wake from the dream...


|3p0—————3p0—————3p0———0————0——X—I3p0—————3p0—————3p0———0————0——X—| rpt
Come on You were the one, You were the one...


|————————————————————————X—X———X—I————————————————————————X—X———X—| on the last one
|————————————————————————X—X———X—I————————————————————————X—X———X—| he does a back
|————————————————————————X—X———X—I————————————————————————X—X———X—| stroke instead
|2h3—2h3—5p3—2h3—2h3—2h3—X—X———X—I2h3—2h3—5p3—2h3—2h3—2h3—X—X———X—| of the 3 X's

Other slower part after bridge (this part i usually see kinda off, but close...)
(To get that "slap sound, he plays the strings against the fret board, like he taps
it with his right hand fingers :) v harmonic!!!
|————————————————————————————————I—————————————————————————12—————| play the
|————2h5—————————————————————————I————2h5—————————————————————————| harmonic every
|3p2—————3p2———X—3p2—X—2———2———X—I3p2—————3p2———X—3p2—X—2—————————| other time
dont feel sorry


THX for checkin out my tab!

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Mudvayne - 1 (ver 3) Bass Tab

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