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Moist — Shotgun bass tabs

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Artist: Moist
Album: Moist Creature
Song: Shotgun
Tabbed by: John P.

**i don't really listen to moist, i like mxpx and other punk bands,
but this song has a really kool bassline which i tabbed as best i could.
enjoy (i think it's right...e—mail corrections to: jxpx14sk8@hotmail.com)
i also tabbed "something more" by mxpx, so check it out.


*keep playing this throughout the verse and chorus, and if it doesn't
sound right, fool around with the notes in the intro, but it sounds
good 2 me*
(the beats may be off so listen to the cd for the right
rythym and timing etc....STANDARD TUNING!)
i also recommend playing with a pick, but thats up 2 you.

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