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Misc — Beginner Any Major Scale And 12 Bar Blues bass tabs

This can be used for any major scale, you just have to follow the pattern.

Root, Whole Step, Whole Step, Half Step, Whole Step, Whole Step, Whole Step, Half Step.

This is the pattern. After playing this, play it backwards.

Here is an Example:
G —————————————————
D —————245—542—————
A ——235———————532——
E 35—————————————53

This was in the key of G.

Here is another example:
G —————245—542—————
D ——235———————532——
A 35—————————————53
E —————————————————

This was in the key of C

See how both examples followed the same pattern? You can do this anywhere on the fretborad
following the same pattern.

The major scale is also used for 12 bar blues.

The pattern for 12 bar blues is as follows:
When I say note I mean a note on the major scale.

1st note x4, 4th note x2, 1st note x2, 5th note x1, 4th note x1, 1st note x1, 5th
note x5.

x?=How many bars to play. All the bars added together=12
See my "New Orleans Blues line" tab for an example of 12 bar blues.

Tablature player for this song:


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