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Misc — Bass Tapping Lessons For Beginners bass tabs

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For starters, do an open hammer on on your G string. Good , you
just tapped your first note. Now practice making it sound clear
and defined, and get used to trying to stop the note. Now, since
U has a different right hand approach, I'll give you mine and
with time you will develop your own. I usually wear my bass low,
but when it comes time to tap, the strap goes up. Not super high,
just a comfortable high.

Now position your right arm almost parrallel to the strings,
and find a position where you will note be muting them. Go ahead
and tap the 9th fret on the G string, and practice starting, holding,
and ending the note properly. It should be as clear and controlled
as note played conventionally. Take the time to make sure you
have this written down, most players like to skip this part and
then never learn to tap correctly. This part is crucial, so if
it takes you a weeks to get it perfect, practice for two before
moving on.


Probably the technique most used in tapping is a pull—off. RIght
now you're going "I already know how to do a pull—off, Well, you
can if you want to, but you will be a little lost later on, because
pulling off from a tapped note is a lot different than pulling
off a fretted note. When you pull off a tapped note, you want to
slide the tapping finger (RH) off the string, in order to give
the note more volume. So practice catching pull—offs, and the
finger slide, (the 15 is right hand, 12 is left hand)



Again, really simple, but that riff right there will be impressive
once you get it up to speed, and will provide a basis for you to
get your own riffs going.

Practice really is key to getting tapping down, just like you
had to build up muscles to slap, and even play fingerstyle, your
hands have to get used to tapping. Eventually, you will find
it coming naturally, and after that your playing ability will
multiply. Hope this was helpful..

One more thing, once you get tapping down, and I don't recomend
this while learning because it will hide your mistakes, is turning
on some distortion, nothing comletes a tapping line like some
fuzz to blend it all together. I personally prefer to set my EQ
flat, with a moderate amount of disortion , and tap away. Have fun.
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