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Misc — Bass Song I Wrote bass tabs

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I don't have a guitar part but u cood rite 1 if u want...
/=slide and h=hammer—on amd ~=hold note out(more squiggles means hold
it longer)
p=pull off (switch notes without picking)like the opposite hammer



Verse 1 intro (start as rite after the post—intro)
^=stacatto so play the notes under it short and louder than the rest of the

Verse 1 (still use stacatos)

—————————————————————————————————————————————————— Play 2 times

Chorus intro



—————————————33333333——————————22222222—5555555————————————————— Play 2 times

Verse 2
^ ^ ^
——————————————————1h2—3/4h5————————2—3———————— Play 2 times

Post verse 2


Play chorus 2 times and then the outro

Slow down little by little until the end

Pause for a second or 2 after the last note has almost entirely died out end
with a loud power cord
Tablature player for this song:


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