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Minutemen — Fascist bass tabs

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The Minutemen — Fascist, from their first 7".  7 songs for 7 inches, as they proudly
declared when it was released. All the songs are v short and very raw sounding and
absolutely amazing.

Notes in brackets are half notes.


Play whole thing really fast and it should take 48 seconds to play from beginning to
end. Two notes in brackets (i.e.(77)) means both notes are half notes and take the
same time as the other notes which are all whole notes. Amazing lyrics too:

§1x2 Don't preach your structure of society
with your perverted ideas of reality.
§2x2 Your words of freedom and common cause
your words of hate and and war is all lost.
§1x2 I can't follow a man on a white horse,
whose means of control look too course.
§2x2 Tyranny is the real word
Where voices and opinions are never heard.
§1x2 We all work in a working mass
under the control of the ruling class.
§2x4 The State relies on the working man
who obey the party and the fatherland.
They all kneel to the party elite.
All enslaved to the Fascist.

It's pretty hard to sing and play at the same time, but each § has one line sung
it, which is why each § is played twice before changing, save for the last which is
played four times, before ending abruptly half way through the fourth §2 on the last
word. technically, no choruses. However, you'll note that §1 is played four times
the beginning and §2 played four times at end which gives the song a balance and
resolution. If only bands wrote songs like this still..

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