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Mgmt — Electric Feel bass tabs

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Tabbed by: Elchzard
Tuning: Standard
Timing: 4 over 4

(4)= Note ties from previous bar
X = Ghost note

Main Idea:
x|1 2 3 4 |1 2 3 4 |1 2 3 4 ||

The C# (4) continues
until beat 2.

That's basically what you play for the entire song.

After the intro, a little upbeat thingy is added to the end of the third bar...

Little Upbeat Thingy:
G|—————| G|—————| G|—————————| G|—————|
D|—————| D|—————| D|—————————| D|—————|
A|—————| A|—————| A|—————————| A|—————|
E|——4—6| , or, sometimes, E|——4—6|, or , E|——X—4—4—6| or E|——3—4|

There are probably be more variations on that, but they're pretty darn easy to get...
They're mostly based around the ideas above.

OK, theres a bit of a slow bit towards the end; the singing drops out, and two notes
are played next to each other, 4 times...

Slow bit towards the end:
x|1 2 3 4 |1 2 3 4 || x4

And then the bass stops, and the melody line plays by itself with the drums, and you
come back in with the main idea/riff again.

The best way to make use of this tab is to just play along with the song, and you'll
see how everything fits together :)

Tablature player for this song:
Mgmt - Electric Feel Bass Tab

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