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Ltd Love Togetherness… — Back in love again bass tabs

L.T.D / Love Togetherness and Devotion
Every time I turn around I’m back in love again

I could not find any tabs on this all time funky classic so I worked it out a bit
However, it’s only a start, there could be errors and I ask you to please correct
any errors found. Also this tab is not yet complete. There are some technical in
betweens at the end I have not been able to work out.
Please complete this tab if you can!
But it will give you a start to enjoy this great one!

There are tree main riffs in the song.
Riff 1 is ok; Riff 2 is ok but use your feel, Riff 3 is not exact but it works.
Listen to the song for the groove.

Riff 1:
G ——————
D ——————
A —6—4—3————|——6—4—3———4—————|
E ————————5—|————————5———5—|

Riff 2:
G —————————————————12—slide to—18—|
D —
A —
E —10—10—10—12—10————————————————————|

Riff 3:
G —————3————|——————3———
D ——————————|————————————
A ————————1—|———————————
E —5—3——————|——5—3————

Play riffs in this order (if I counted correct…):
Riff 1: 4,5x
Riff 2: 1x
Riff 3: 2x

Then 2x:
Riff 1: 4,5x
Riff 2: 1x
Riff 3: 4x

Riff 1: 16,5x
Riff 2: 1x
Riff 3: 8x
Riff 1: fade out with funky variations

Have fun!

Tablature player for this song:
Ltd Love Togetherness… - Back in love again Bass Tab


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