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Lipps Inc. — Funky Town bass tabs

(submitted by Mortem)
OK so here is the riff for the start of Funky Town.

G |———————————————————|————————————————————|
D |5—5—3—5————5—10—9—5|—5—5—3—5————5—10—9—5|
A |————————5—5————————|—————————5—5————————|
E |———————————————————|————————————————————|

Hope this is good,I work a lot of things out on my own rather than looking them up.
I've never really read tabs (I'm self taught with a little help from my older brother) so I hope this is easy to understand.

Tablature player for this song:
Lipps Inc. - Funky Town Bass Tab


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