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Led Zeppelin — Black Dog bass tabs

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normal tuning, low to high E A D G
~=let it ring....

come in at 12sec after "heyey mamma I say..."
main riff:

other part thats like the main riff.lets call it the nutty part..:

after that part, this is played optional though. Kinda hard
to keep rythem.there half notes i think. Try it out! during frist
guitar solo type thing
|—————3—0 ~ —————3—4—0 ~ ——————3—4—0—3—0 ~ —————————————|
|———————————————————————————————————————————————3 5—————|

then this part is played: repeat as necessary
thats also played at the end solo part—fade out on an A7 or E0
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Led Zeppelin - Black Dog Bass Tab

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