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Lebanon Hanover — Alien bass tabs

(submitted by GoodOldJeff)
Tabbed by: Jeff M.
For educational purposes only

Standard Tuning (E, A, D, G)

Hi there! I'm a newbie at the bass guitar so I'm sure this is not 100% accurate, but I believe this is a nice approach to play along with the song, keep practicing and enjoy the ride fellow bat!

This is an easy but damn fun song to learn:

Hit the first note in each pair once and then jump to the other note to attack it repeatedly
for example:



You only hit 3 ONCE and then 4 a bunch of times ( I think It may be 12 or 13 times not sure about it) get it by ear, you will have fun while doing it.

D|——————————————————————————— ||

Repeat during the whole song.

By the way if you wanna do the little bright parts during the verse it goes like this (but this part is played by the guitar)

D|—————6—7—6—7—6————————————— ||

And that's it! Keep being an alien!
Tablature player for this song:
Lebanon Hanover - Alien Bass Tab


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