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Kings X — Groove Machine (4 String Version) bass tabs

great song i saw a 5 string version on here but i dont have a 5 string
:( so i'll show you how to play it the way dug does it with a 4

drop d tuning

the song is basically one big riff that starts and stops in several
different places and its really easy to figure out with the main riff

main riff

then the guitar drops out and the bass keeps playing the same riff

then there is a drum solo that lasts like 4 bars maybe and the bass
comes in with

and then picks the main riff up untill the end of the song once
or twice dug throws in a different ending to the riff but it is just

d———0—3—3—2 instead of d———0—4—3—2

this is only my third tab i have transcribed completely on my
own please rate
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