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Joe Satriani — Crystal Planet bass tabs

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/ The following is the author's own interpretation of the song, to be /
/ used for private use and studying /
Version 2.0 — NOVEMBER 2003

Transcribed by: Christian Andolf

For Questions, Comments, Newest Version, or Corrections contact
Christian Andolf: at christian.andolf@home.se

. — palm mute / — slide up to
— slide down to ~ — vibrato
h — hammer on b — bend
p — pull off Suffixes for bend
ph — pinch harmonic
f — full bend h — half bend
* — see comment r — release t — tap bend
X — percussion mute ~ — vibrato bend
@ — slight palm mute () — ghost note, sustained note

After getting A LOT of requests for the completion of this, I started to work
some more on it. I hope you all enjoy v2 of the tab!
It is important to follow the rythm of the song and not blindly by the tab!

Tune Bass to standard tuning (E, A, D, G)


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