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Jimmy Eat World — My Sundown (ver 2) bass tabs

Band: Jimmy Eat World
Album: Bleed America (or self—titled dependent on date of purchase)
Song: My Sundown
Tabbed By: Alex (DTRMIDTOWN87)

This is a great song by Jimmy Eat World, very easy to play, the bass guitar is perectly
in sync with the bass drum. Please rate and enjoy!!

Intro/Verses (Intro enters at the 1:00 mark with the drums)

D———————————————————————————————————————————————— Play 2X's

Refrain (Its too hard to express the timing, but its very easy to pick up)


Beleieve it or not, thats basically it, just the same thing is repeated over and over
again. This is more of a song for the acoustic guitar, but I had noticed no one had tabbed
this yet so I figured I would. Enjoy and please rate!
Email me with whatever thoughts at SensesFailPunk87@aol.com

Tablature player for this song:

Other versions of My Sundown


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