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Jimmy Eat World — Lucky Denver Mint (ver 2) bass tabs

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Artist: Jimmy Eat World
album: clarity
song: lucky denver mint
tabbed by eric d langley

alrite, this is a realllly easy tab. just keep plucking each note
over and over again for effect with emphasis on certain ones, you'll
know what im talking about. just do it over and over again. by the way,
the (44) means walk it up to the 555555555 part. you might want to
use a pick, but it feels less personal that way. keep it natural.


for the bridge, just hit some cool harmonics, pop up like so...


just something to that effect. just play it fast and play it soft.
you can also just move the entire part up an octave during
the bridge and play allon the g string. it sounds pretty cool
if you're proficient with the fingering up high on the fret.

thats all from me now, ill try to get some more J.E.W. music up here

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