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Jimi Hendrix — Freedom bass tabs

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Jimi Hendrix — "Freedom"

downtune the E string a half step
b = bend string
= slide down
h = hammer on

When the bass comes in, a long descension of notes is played. I think it's the entire
scale of the song played backwards. I don't know how to make the scale though.
Something similar to:
G |53——————————|
D |——5431——————|
A |——————31————|

1st verse riff Bridge
G |————————————————|—————————3—5—|
D |————————————————|—1—3—4—5—————|
A |3—1—3———————1—3—|3—3—3—3——————|

chorus intro chorus riff
G |———————————————————————————|——————————————|
D |——————————————————————4——2—|——————————————|
A |—————3——646—3——————3———————|—————3——646—3—|

2nd/4th verse riff
G |———————————————|
D |———————————————|
A |——1—3—————13———|

3rd verse intro 3rd verse riff
G |———————————————————|—————————————————|
D |—————————————1—4—7—|—————————————9b—7|
A |—————————1—3———————|68———————————————|
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