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Jane's Addiction — Pigs In Zen bass tabs

Pigs in Zen
by Jane's Addiction

Here's the basics for this song, and you can do your own little variations
on the parts, because Eric Avery does a lot of little things and I'm not
going to waste my time tabbing them out because it just doesn't matter
that much, you should be able to improvise and have fun with it on your
own without having to copy him detail for detail.


General fooling around, then this right before it starts...

Guitar comes in...

Main Riff

This main riff is really simple, but you can do some nice fills with it


Then back to the main riff, then chorus, etc. and right before the solo
comes this

|*————————5p3————————————————|—Main Riff x2—*|

And on the third? time you play it, play this instead of the main riff
Take off...(Solo)

And for the solo, just play the main riff over and over, then the chorus,
then they break it down to just the bass and drums, etc... just listen to
the song and you'll know what to play.

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Jane's Addiction - Pigs In Zen Bass Tab

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