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James Brown — Papas Got A Brand New Bag bass tabs

From: "John McCormick" 
Subject: Papa's Got a Brand New Bag —James Brown

This is the tab for James Brown's Papa's Got a Brand New Bag. It uses the
same riff the whole time, just played at different notes. Here is the riff
(the numbers just denote the order in which the notes of the riff are
|——3——|——4——|——5——|———6——| Remember to play this fast, but they can
|——————|——1——|——————|——————| also be played slow. Listen to the diff.
recordings to see what i mean!
The letters here are the root notes of the riff:
|——A——|——G——|——D——|A; ; ;| <=== that measure there means to play
the single note 'A,' followed by 3
quarter rests.


Tablature player for this song:
James Brown - Papas Got A Brand New Bag Bass Tab


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