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Jack Off Jill — Track 66 bass tabs

Jack Off Jill — Track 66
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By Elissa ~x~


E—5—5—87——3——333—5—7———1—1——3—1——000—3—5———| Repeat


E—5555555——8888888——10101010101010——12121212121212——| x3

E—5555555——8888888——| x1

"Love You"

E—555555——3333—33——111111——0000—00——| repeat



These are all the rifts you need to play this song.
They may or may not be perfect but It sounds right.
You can work out the order for yourself — it's pretty simple.
Play it along to the song for timing.

Tablature player for this song:
Jack Off Jill - Track 66 Bass Tab


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