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Insyderz — You Are My All In All bass tabs

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You Are My All In All
performed by the Insyderz
originally written by Dennis Jernigan (c) 1991 Shepherd's Heart Music
Insyderz version (c) 1998 Squint Entertainment
Tabbed by Mike (mmsmail@cc.owu.edu)

This basic line covers the whole song. No, really

D——5—5———2—2———————————5——| Sometimes it's played slow.
A—————5—5———2—2—3—3—5—5———| Other times it's played fast.
E—————————————————————————| Listen to the song for the differences.

At one point the song keeps with that basic line but throws in
tons of other notes between them. I don't know this part perfectly.
If you do, please email it to me. Here's my shot at it.


// means to slide to the note. Any questions or help with mine,
please email me. —Mike

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