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Insane Clown Posse — House Of Horrors bass tabs

Tuning:standard 4—string(E,A,D,G)low to high
Tabbed by Tom Treadwell
Dont just read this to rag on me because this is my first tab.

/=slide up neck slowly

Verse 1:
A: 10
E:12 12——10—9——5/9 (repeat as many times needed)

A: 10
E:12 12——10—9 (repeat as many times needed)

The heavier part with Violent J
A: 10 10 10
E:12 12—12—12—12—12 12—12—12—12—12 12—12—12—12

If you have any corrections please feel free to e—mail me at treadwe@epix.net
Thenks and have fun with this.

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