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Hoobastank — Can I Buy You A Drink (ver 2) bass tabs

Song: Can I buy you a Drink?6—6—02
Artist: Hoobustank
Album: Basketball shorts
tabbed by: Andrew Waranowski (awaranowski@attbi.com)

Standard tuning.

Hey what's up, this is one of the first tabs I've made but I think it's quite
accurate. To get it right, you should definitely listen to the song while looking at
this tab. But I have a lot of the little technical parts written down, so it should be
nice and easy for yeh!

Pretty much all quarter notes.. or eigth notes.. however you want to look at it.
And you can tell Which notes are sixteens from listening to the song.. the badass
song that it is.




If you have a five string, you can go ahead and do it the right way.. :)



(Not exactly four times.. but you get the drift)



——————————————1—1—3—3—5—5—1—1—————————————1—1—3—3—5—5—1—1—————————— .... and so on.

So it goes... Chorus, Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, Bridge, chorus, chorus
and more Choruses....

It's one thing I noticed, that I could hardly find any Hoobustank tabs. I know
there are bassists out there looking for their old stuff, cause the bass is so
great in their old stuff so I did it myself. Have fun. And give me some feedback
will ya?

Tablature player for this song:
Hoobastank - Can I Buy You A Drink (ver 2) Bass Tab

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