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Home Grown — Youre Not Alone bass tabs

This should be pretty right , I don't have my bass with me so I just tabbed this
by memory from what I figured earlier.I used to think Home Grown was like the
worst band on Drive—Thru,becuase I had their old CD and that thing is just straight up
crap, then I sawthe video for this song on the Drive—Thru DVD and was proven wrong , this
is like my new favorite song.
—Figured out and submitted by Dejackamo Von Rictor from Barstow CA
>—certain count , ~—ring out , /or—slide up or down TUNE TO FLATS.
intro/pre—chorus/what ever else they use this or , it's like the main riff
^(let this note ring out towards the end of the intro/before the bridge)

#F)————————————————————— (first 1/2)

#F)—————————————————————————————————————— (second 1/2)


play this at the end of song

"Someday , I will see Lizzie McGuire naked , and I will POUNCE!"

Tablature player for this song:
Home Grown - Youre Not Alone Bass Tab


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