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Hed Pe — The Meadow bass tabs

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Song: The Meadow
Artist: Hed pe
Album: Broke
Tabbed By Matt Coughlan (serialkiller667@hotmail.com)

This is a really simple song and there is hardly any hed pe
tabs on here which is a shame cuz they are a cool band this
is my first ever tab so here goes.


D|———————————————| x4


D|———|——————————| x7
^only play once at beggining of each chorus

The order is pretty much verse, chorus, verse, chorus
all through its easy to work out.
The song is played pretty slow, its easy to play!
Anyway thats it, hope it helps someone!

If u've got any comments mail me.

Taken from bigbasstabs.com —
Tablature player for this song:


Heard this song by accident the other day and cried cos it s so beautiful…. Then checked out their other songs and my ears bled lol.
Thanks for the tab!!

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