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Hamm Stu — Quahogs Anyone bass tabs

Quahogs Anyone

Stu Hamm
^^ 2nd
time only


B 0:39






C 1:19 ...etc




This is the tab to the first part of Stu Hamm's live solo, as
recorded on "The Urge", as transcribed by me. This is the first 2
minutes — basicaly all the "Surely the Best" based material, up to
the start of "Linus and Lucy". I've started work on the later bits,
and may post them at some point in the future — however the rest has
some _realy_ dificult parts. In the mean time, the section
presented here is a logically complete unit.

1 Section A is played using tapped harmonics — Very easy, but
it sounds brilliant. Fret the bracketed notes, then tap the written
notes with your right hand. As with all this tab, phrasing must be
got from the record.

2 In Section B the first three or so noet of each phrase are
played with the left hand, and the rest is tapped, or slided with
the right hand. The exact details are pretty easy to work out.

3 The last section is actually pretty tricky. Right hand
plays the quavers on the top two strings (I've only written the
first two of each group).Left Hammers on the melody/bass line. Some
of the rhythms are quite tricky (good practise for "L&L").

4 There are two notes written as "EX2". These are bottom D's
played using the Kubicki Extender. If you don't have a Kubicki you
will either have to a) skip this section, b)detune, and work out the
new section or c) use a hipshot, and hit it at just the right time.

If you find this of interest, then mail me and it may spur me to
type in more of my stuff.

Ian Stephenson
[email protected]

Taken from bigbasstabs.com —
Tablature player for this song:
Hamm Stu - Quahogs Anyone Bass Tab


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