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Green Day — Longview 100% Right No Questions Asked bass tabs

tabbed by: Lee (blacktooth90)
Tuning: Half Step Down — Eb Ab Db Gb
i know this is right so u will enjoy
P.S. use a pick for this song

intro (after this go as fast as u can into the verse):

——9/1—(pluck every note fast)—————

Verse 1:

verse 2:


—7x7x7x7x—5x5x—————————(u can put a 5 in this spot that i marked if u want it right)

verse 3/0utro:


order of play:

intro: x1
verse 1: x5
verse 2: x1
chorus: x4
verse 3/outro: x2
verse 1: x3
verse 2: x1
chorus: x4
verse 3/outro:x4 (on the 4th time don't do the last 4 things play 5's instead)
chorus: x4
verse 3/outro: x6
verse 1: x1
verse 2: x1 (but play the 5's a little longer)
chorus: x8
verse 3/outro: play till the song ends

hope u liked this 100% if u think it is wrong i can show u ur wrong and by doing
this e—mail me at blacktooth90@yahoo.com or e—mail me if i got the order
of play wrong, that could of happened so peace and bye yall hope and i know
u will like it
Tablature player for this song:
Green Day - Longview 100% Right No Questions Asked Bass Tab


8 years, 8 months ago
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This is good and all, but you seem like a dick.

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