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Godsmack — Voodoo (ver 9) bass tabs

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Artist: Godsmack
Album: Self Titled

I've seen both of the tabs for this song, and neither are correct.
I thought this song was fairly easy, but since nobody seems to get
it right i'll post the right version. Also, nobody has included the
chorus riff.

First of all, drop your E string to D. You don't need it for the
verse but you have to to play the chorus correctly.


Chorus (Follows the Chords played by the guitar, I'm 95% sure this is


I may have the exact number of times you play each note right,
but it should be enought to figure it out. The verse is correct
though. Also, i might be off by a fret or on those slides at the
end of the chorus. If anyone has anything better, i'm open to
Tablature player for this song:

Other versions of Voodoo


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