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G Love And Special Sauce — Night Of The Living Dead bass tabs

Song: Night of the Living Dead
Artist: G. Love and Special Sauce
Album: The Electric Mile
Tabbed by: Ryan Norcross (Rnorc@aol.com)

Simple Dead sounding song. Great to practice a little improv with!

Basic Progression as follows, but Jimmy Jazz switches it up
Thru ought. Watch the 4 bars of E in the middle.

Come in after the dogs barking

All with fill between E to A and D to F progressions

Basic Bass Line


Repeat to "don't let them take control...Control"
Go to E at second control (listen to song for timing, it's
real easy)

———Back to basic Bass line for rest of song.

Enjoy! Wish I could write out all the fills for you, but making
them up yourself is most of the fun.

Tablature player for this song:
G Love And Special Sauce - Night Of The Living Dead Bass Tab


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