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Frank Zappa — Dont Eat The Yellow Snow (ver 2) bass tabs

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Song:Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
Artist:Frank Zappa (Woo!)

Tabbed By: Marshall Ricks (packardgoose@hotmail.com),
Based On Original Tab By: TORK M. (MDPTM@ pop.erols.com)

Ok, the other version posted was for dropped tuning, and I think it's easier
to play and sounds better. The riff layout was correct.

Main Riff

Other Riff
(for this riff, you can play either version below...)
G—————————— G——————————
D—0—0—————— or D—0—0——————
A—————3—4—5 A——————————
E—————————— E—————7—8—9

Main x4
Other x2
Main x2
Other x2
Main x2
Other x2
Main x4
Other x2
Main x8
Other x2
Main x10

I just figured that rather than tune thy basse—guitarre downe, it would be
easier in standard tuning. Zappa rules, and other people should start
tabbing his stuff!


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