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Foster The People — Pumped Up Kicks (ver 2) bass tabs

(submitted by defiant bass trends)
The previous tab appeared to be 
completely wrong.

Standard Tuning: E,A,D,G

A|————————————————6——66—8———————| Repeat

|_| |____| |___||_| |____| |___|

I tried to simplify the timing with the
brackets, you shouldn't have much of a
problem figuring it out. As far as I
know, this is played throughout the
song non—stop except for a short area
close to the end of the song. A lot of
variation could be added into this song
easily to spice it up if needed.

Corrections/modifications: I can be reached at —
defiant.trends@gmail.com —

* as usual, hate mail is always welcomed *

Tablature player for this song:
Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (ver 2) Bass Tab

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Pretty good but seems to be missing something….

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