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Fat Larry's Band — Act Like You Know (ver 2) bass tabs

(submitted by moonbutt74)
fat larry's band : act like you know

tuning: eadg
metronome: roughly 98
legend: bend; blah(BLAH)
Hq; hammer quick
Hm; hammer medium
Hs; hammer slow
#,#,#; quick and funky and/or ghosty
{#*}; ghost at...
~; wiggle it, just a little bit.....

* *
d|————————————————————————————————|——————————————8——8Hq10——8—6——8,7,{6*}——————— :||
a|—6Hq8—6Hs8—8——————————————————8—|————————8Hm11————————————————————————— 6~ —— :||

yeah, you oughtta know...owowo.....
* *
d|————————————————————————————————|——————————————8—————————————————————————————| main x5,1st

2nd: {verse}
When you're feelin down and low.....
* *
d|————————————————————————————————|————————————————————————————————————————————| main x5,2nd

3rd: {chorus}
act like you know,...kicking up your heels.

|—————————————————————————————| main x4, 3rd,
|—————8—7—6— 4~ ——————————————|

main x7, 2nd, 3rd
guitar and horns main x34 roughly
you can pretty much fake it from there and it eventually jumps back to chorus,
then fades out on main.

Tabbed out by moonbutt74@gmail.com
My count my be off on the guitar and horns, just play along with the song.
The first f note is played twice but i liked it better at once
and sometimes the C on the D string sounds better as B

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Fat Larry's Band - Act Like You Know (ver 2) Bass Tab

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