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Erykah Badu — The Healer bass tabs

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(submitted by blue)
Erykah Badu — The Healer

It goes lower than a standard bass, so the last note is an octave higher than it is in the song.
You can give the notes the same wobbly effect the ones in the song have by pulling the strings down as you play them.

G —————————————————————————————
D —————————————————————————————
A ——4———2——————————————————4———
E ——————————4——————2———0———————

Version for 5 stringed or BEAD tuned basses:

G —————————————————————————————
D —————————————————————————————
A ——4———2——————————————————————
E ——————————4——————2———————————
B —————————————————————5———2———

Tablature player for this song:
Erykah Badu - The Healer Bass Tab


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