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Enanitos Verdes — Amores Lejanos bass tabs

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Composed by:Marciano Cantero
Tabbed by: Obed Franco


+——5——————————5—————————————77————75——7—7—77——7————+ Repeat Then

+—————————————————————————————+ +—————————————+ +——————————————+
+———————————————————————55————+ +——————55—————+ +—————55———————+
+————————————————————77————75—+ +———77————75——+ (1) +——77————765———+ (2)
+——1—1—11——3—3—33——5——————————+ +—5——————————5+ +—5————————————+

The rhythm played for the Intro/Verse part is the riff that is played throughout the
whole song so feel free to improvise. same with the chorus. those are the two main
riffs in the song and therefore if you listen to the song you will know when to play

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