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Dust For Life — Step Into The Light bass tabs

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song:step into the light 
artist:dust for life
album:dust for life
tabbed by bassboy99
tune down 1 step (D,G,C,F) it is actually a 5 string bass but i only have a 4 so i tabbed it
from that. the strings are a little flappy but it still sounds okay
r=release bend
()=you could also play this
"friday when sunday's..."
"don't need to beg or borrow..."
Play this part before each fill, but for the first fill play the high E as a quarter and
eighth note but on the other two it is a half note

—————————————————————————————————————————————————— Fill 1

—————9/11————h11—9h11————————————————————————————————— Fill 2

———4—4—4—4——————————— Fill 3

"I'll wait to see the way..."
time for more fills!
reapeat this however many times then do the fills in order

The bass is quiet on the fills but I think I got them

Fill 1 the first not is an eighth note and the rest are sixteenths

it is not complete yet but i will fix it in a few weeks. but the parts i have tabbed so far
sound right so have fun

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