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D.r.i. — Suit And Tie Guy bass tabs

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You will hear bass fills throughout the song, I can’t figure them out, but if you
improv it in the key of the note, it still sounds good.


E———0(let ring for a little)——3—2—3—2———222———2—0—2——3—333—333—333—

E———0(let ring for a little)—2—0—2—3—333——3—2—3—4—444—444—444


E———8(let ring a little)——7—(pause)———6(let ring a little)—5——————— (2x)


E—————4——444444——7—777777—6—666666—5—555555—————————————— (repeat as needed)

(play this part during solos as well) ……heart attack!



E—————4————(play a whole bunch of times, then solo)

Then play

E————4444444———55———4444444——7——5—444444—55—4———4(hold out then end on this note)—

That’s the whole thing, not complicated, you just gotta know where to put the parts
the number of notes i know is not correct, just play them as needed. DRI!!!!!!!!

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