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Deftones — Birthmark bass tabs


Basstab, transcribed by Christopher D. Heimer

Standard tuning

slide down

Riff 1 (Intro, Verse)


Riff 2 (Chorus)


Riff 3 (End)



Intro (without bass); Riff 1; Riff 2; Riff 1; Riff 2;
Riff 1; Riff 2; Riff 3 to end

That was all. Very easy one!
See this as an addition to the existing Birthmark.tab
for guitar as well because there the last part is
If you think anything has to be said about this
tab or something in general you're all welcome.

Check out the Deftones live if possible!
I've seen them and they were great. Chino rules!

Bye, Christopher (Heimer@t—online.de)

Tablature player for this song:
Deftones - Birthmark Bass Tab


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