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Cypress Hill — Let It Rain bass tabs

Song: Let It Rain
Artist: Cypress Hill

Available on the LP 'III — Temple Of Boom'

Tabbed by Ack! (a_thousand_lies@hotmail.com)

Ack! says: This song is so easy, I'm wondering why
I even tabbed it out for you people. There are two
ways to play this little line. The first way sounds
a little too "light", so I always play the second way
as it adds body to the sound and makes it thick and
very much like actual line from the song. Whatever,
both ways are right, so play how you feel.

G|—9—————8—| / G|—————————————|
D|———9—8———| / D|—14———————13—|
A|—————————| / A|————14—13————|
E|—————————| / E|—————————————|

Repeat as many times as you can,
until you get Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

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