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Creedence Clearwater… — Down On The Corner bass tabs

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Here's a very easy yet great bass song from CCR — Down on the Corner.  I believe that
ever bassist, new through professional, should know how to play this song. Here's a
decent tab I whipped up for all of you bassists looking to play along with an
easy—to—learn song. If you have any questions or improvements, feel free to contact
me at any time. Enjoy!

Main Riff: (0:05)
|——————————————————————————| x2

|—3———————3—3————————2—5—5—| x1

|————————————————————————————| x1

Main Riff: (0:23)

Chorus: (0:41)
|————————————2——————————————| x2

Main Riff: (0:50)

Chorus: (1:08) x2

Main Riff: (1:16)

Chorus: (1:34)

Bridge: (1:43) x2
|—33333—33—3—33—3———————33—3—33—| or Rest for the two measures

Main Riff: (1:52)

Chorus: (2:10) x8 (or until song fades out)

Tablature player for this song:


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