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Coal Chamber — Whats In Your Mind? bass tabs

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What's In Your Mind? — Coal Chamber
tabbed by: TJ

who knows exactly what Coal Chamber tuning is? Meegs plays a 6 string,
and Rayna plays a 4 string, so what do they do to get a 7 string and
5 string sound? maybe some mysteries are better left unsolved...

tune to C#

***rest for weird voices (0:00 — 0:19)***

Riff A: (8 times)

Riff B: (4 times)

Riff A: (8 times)
Riff B: (4 times)
Riff A: (8 times)
Riff B: (4 times)

Riff C: (4 times)

Riff A: (8 times)
Riff B: (4 times) — Ending abruptly on F (C# string, 4th fret)

***rest for "What's in your..."/ orchestra (3:03 — 3:56)***

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