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Coal Chamber — Tombstones And The Walking Dead bass tabs

Artist: Coal Chamber

Song: Tombstones and the Walking Dead

Album: Giving the Devil his due

A song you can only get by buying GDD, I have written this in
order, so you'll have to play it as you see it.


———————s—————————————————————— times 4

verse 1

————————s——————————————————————— times 4


———————— 4 times

verse 2

———————s—————————————————————— 7 times


———s————— 8 times (on the 8th time, add a 4 in at the end.)

intermission pt 1

—33—— 8 times

intermission pt 2

————————————— 8 times

intermission pt 3

———————s——————————— 1 time


———s—————————————— 14 times and then end.

Any queries or corrections: rhyknow@gmail.com



"Bones in my water and dust in my lungs
Absorbing archaeic like a sponge"


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