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Clash — The Magnificent Seven (ver 3) bass tabs

The Clash is one of the most influencial Rock/Punk/Ska/Raggea bands to 
grace this earth, I think we should do them right by actually having a
correct Magnificent Seven Bass Tab on this website which by the way is
probobly the best or one of the best bass riffs in the world.

Intro:Played Really Fast 1x

G ——2—0———————————————2—2—————
D ——————2—0———————————————————
A ——————————3—0—————0—————————
E ——————————————3—0———————————

Main Riff:IS FUNKY!!!!! 28x (mostly during "You lot!What!Dont Stop Give
It all you got" part Paul doesn't play the second
A note
G ————————————————5——————————————————
D ————————7—7—5—7————————————————————
A ————————————————————3H5——55—3—55—3—
E ———5——5————————————————————————————

intro 1x again

Main Riff 33x

Intro 1 more time

Tablature player for this song:

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