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Clash — The Call Up bass tabs

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Artist: The Clash
Album: Sandinista
Tabbed by—Stevensteel11@yahoo.com

Right folks, all i am tabbing for this is the main verse and chorus,
if anyone has
any corrections then im all ears, i gave up hoping for someone
to tab this,if u want
something done do it urself hey!!!!!!!!! Im in key for sure!!!!;)

INTRO — (Live version)
G ————/
D ————/
A ————/
E 5/10/ — repeat 8 times i think,

G ————————————————————————————————/
D ———————————————————————————3—5——/ X4
A 5—55——5—5——————5——3—33—3—3————5—/
E ——————————5—33——————————————————/

("its up to you not to hear the call up")
G ———————————————————————————/
D ———————————————————————————/
A 5—55—5—55—5—3—33—3—3—————3—/ x2
E —————————————————————5—33——/

RIGHT!!!!!! i am very aware that there are a few variations,
as i said, any comment's
or correction's are very welcome :) enjoy
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